Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tankers

Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tankers

At Convair we offer high quality, AS/NZ1210 Pressure Vessel compliant Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tankers suitable for use with a wide range of dry bulk materials in both steel and aluminium construction. We manufacture our steel tankers proudly in Australia and our aluminium tankers are manufactured in Germany by Feldbinder (FFB).

In addition, Convair design and manufacture blow tanks/cutting bottles/pressure pods to individual customer requirements.

Our equipment offers the highest possible payload or storage capacity, performance, and reliability. We specialise in the design and manufacture of highly customised equipment to suit customer’s individual project and operational requirements. We tailor the volume and configuration of the tankers as well as the specification including pipework design, suspension and axles, braking systems etc. to suit your requirements.

We also hire out tankers on a short or long term basis. Or talk to us if you already have a tanker that you would like to trade in.

Convair Steel Tankers

Convair Steel Tankers are manufactured in Australia, in our dedicated production facility in Epping, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. We employ the latest engineering principles, 3D design software and lean manufacturing techniques. As a result, we can provide you with high quality equipment, to a realistic and reliable delivery schedule.

Our latest monocoque designs incorporate unique design features that have been developed from many years of industry experience. These include our large volume cones, advanced aeration and discharge systems and lightweight frames. Resulting in tankers of optimal volume and low tare weight, but not at the expense of strength or longevity.

The specification of our tankers includes products that are designed for use in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk materials. These include AKO pinch valves, Bulk Tank Inc. aerators, one way valves, loading hatches & pressure relief valves etc. They are renowned for providing excellent performance and reliability and have become the industry standard in Australia and New Zealand.

Feldbinder (FFB) Aluminium Tankers

Convair FFB aluminium tankers are the product of Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke Gmbh (FFB) in Germany, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminium tankers. The tankers are specifically designed to suit Australian regulations and operating conditions with outstanding results. FFB tankers feature all aluminium construction, making them the lightest tankers currently available. Feldbinder Aluminium tankers are a world class product that has been developed over a number of years and with a lot of experience to suit our unique operating conditions.

The tankers are fitted with the same AKO pinch valves, BTI hatches, aerators, check valves and PRV’s as our steel tankers.

Convair Dry Bulk Containers

Convair Dry Bulk Containers (ISOtainers) are designed around an ISO configuration. The vessels are fitted with discharge cones and aerators rather than airslides, which maximises the volume, minimises tare weight and makes them suitable for use with virtually any dry bulk material.

Convair ISOtainers are certified to the AS/NZS1210 Pressure Vessel Code.

The 20ft ISOtainer has a working volumetric capacity of 27.6m3 and is approved AS4615 Series R Freight Containers for operation up to 32.8t gross. With a tare weight starting at approx. 2.4t, they can offer a payload of up to 30.4t.

For portable on site storage there is the Silotainer. The Silotainer is designed around the 40ft ISO dimensions, it can be handled with standard container operating equipment. The vessel has a volumetric capacity of 84 cubic metres. With a conventional cone discharge system fitted with aerators. It can be used with a wide variety of bulk materials, from sand to pellets.

Convair design and manufacture ISOtainers right here in Australia to suit specific customer requirements.