AKO Pinch Valves

AKO Pinch Valves

Convair Engineering Pty Ltd are the authorised Australian Distributor for AKO Pinch Valves. Convair offers the widest and most flexible range of AKO valve configuration options, ranging in size from 3/8” up to 12” diameter valves. Supplying valves to the wine, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, mining & pneumatic bulk tanker industries.

AKO offers a full array of valves to control the flow of many applications in process systems; such as slurries, suspensions, powders, gases, granules, emulsions, liquids, or for anything in between or even beyond these categories. Many applications may have characteristics like abrasiveness, clog easily, extreme temperature variation, or stress-inducing process requirements which AKO has designed valves specifically for.

Some attributes of valves your AKO sales engineer can offer:

  • Full Bore
  • 100% Leak Tight
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Elliptical shape body, less air required
  • Various connections to suit most applications
  • No Mechanical Parts
  • Reinforced Sleeves for Abrasive Media
  • Quick Closing
  • EX Conformed Valves Available
  • Easy Maintenance & Re-Sleeving

For detailed product information and downloads please click here, or call to discuss your requirements with one of our product specialists on 03 9408 7255.