CVS Siloking Screw Compressors

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CVS Siloking Screw Compressors

SiloKing 1100 screw compressors are designed and manufactured in Germany by CVS Engineering. They are an extremely efficient and durable machine that is particularly well suited to operating in harsh Australian conditions. They feature an efficient oil lubrication system; all the bearings and gears are oil lubricated by an inbuilt oil pump. The sump has a large oil capacity of 8 litres and a spin on oil filter. These machines require very low maintenance.

The profile and relatively low running speed of the rotors in these machines produces high airflow and a low noise level. They provide the optimum combination of airflow and working pressure for efficient pneumatic conveying. The wide operating parameters of the compressor makes them suitable for virtually all pneumatic conveying of industrial materials such as cement, fly-ash, quicklime & sand etc. Being oil free, they are the ideal machine for use with food products like flour, sugar, cereals, animal feed, grains. etc.

The compressors are available in a number of configurations (bareahsft for powerpack and hydrostatic drives, gearbox for direct drive PTO installations, and the 1200C with a reverse input suited for the prime movers with very tight available room).

We are the Australian & New Zealand distributor for CVS. We are also factory trained in the installation, servicing and repair of CVS Compressors.