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Welcome to Convair Engineering Pty Ltd

Pneumatic Dry Bulk Solutions.

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Convair Engineering Pty Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tankers & blowers and compressors for the transport & storage of dry bulk products to suit customers’ requirements. These include road tankers, ISOtainers and on-site storage tankers in steel & aluminium construction for the food, chemical, construction materials and oil and gas industries. We also supply a wide range of spare parts for all makes of tanker, checkout our brand new Online Store and Parts Catalogue.

Our range of equipment employs our wealth of knowledge and experience and the latest technology from Europe and the USA, resulting in tankers that are highly efficient, durable and offer high payloads.

Contact us today to get a competitive edge. +61 3 9408 7255 and sales@convair.com.au


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